Chronic Hepatitis B is often a lifelong infection and can be difficult to understand. The Hepatitis B Bear is a novel concept developed by Associate Professor Miriam Levy.

We have produced material, including videos, pamphlets, and an App to help you understand the infection, especially what each phase means and what you need to do in each phase. It is a development that springs from the strong commitment our department has to improving patients' knowledge of their conditions.


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  • See easy explanations of the 5 phases (with colourful illustrations)
  • Advice about the check-ups (usually) required
  • Assistance with appointments (including push reminders)
  • Be alerted with test and medicine reminders
  • Record and review results of tests or summaries of your medication adherence to show or email your doctor
  • See answers to your frequently asked questions and be linked to good information or web pages

This app is currently being reviewed and updated.

Understand Hepatitis B

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Understand Hepatitis B

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