Gastroenterology & Liver Privately Referred Non-Inpatient (PRINIP) Clinic

To see one of our specialists, you must have a valid referral letter from your GP. The referral letter should be addressed to one of our Specialists either A/Professor Miriam Levy, Professor Susan Connor, Dr Scott Davison, Dr Nishita Jagarlamudi, Dr Ken Koo, Dr Watson Ng, Dr Emilia Prakoso, Dr David Prince or Dr Astrid Williams and reason for referral, complete past medical history, current medications and recent pathology and radiology results. With this information, the urgency of referral can be determined, allowing us to provide an appropriate consultation time.

Referrals can be submitted by the following means:

In person

During business hours, 8.30am - 4pm, Monday to Friday


02 8738 3094

(It is not mandatory to use our referral form. Your GP can use their own.)

If after specialist review of referral, there is an appointment within 3 months you will be notified by mail (or phone if urgent). If there are no slots within 3 months, you will be put on a waiting list. You will be notified if a slot becomes available. Please make sure to include your phone number, email address and home address in the referral form. If you have any concern, please contact your GP who made the referral. If you have an appointment, please read the attached document.

If you have an appointment, please read the attached document.

Endoscopy Unit

How to make a booking for Endoscopy?

Take your paper work (RFA form) to Endoscopy (Lift A, Level 2) in person and hand it to the administrative staff.

Take your paper work (RFA form) to Endoscopy in person (Lift A, Level 2)

Administrative Officer

Your specialist will have indicated the urgency category.

  1. Within 30 days – CAT A
  2. Within 6 months – CAT B
  3. Within 12 months – CAT C
Your RFA must be completed before handing it in. Make sure your specialist has completed their section.
If you need an interpreter, please make sure to phone (02 8738 8739) us in advance.

Once paperwork is received,

  1. You will be advised by post about the date and time of your procedure.
  2. You must ring us to confirm the date and time of your procedure (between 2pm-4pm, Monday to Friday) at least two days prior to the appointment date. Phone 02 8738 8739.
  3. Two days prior to the appointment date, a phone call (between 2pm-4pm, Monday to Friday) will be made to confirm attendance (if you have not called us).
  4. You must let us know if you can’t attend for any reason. Phone 02 8738 8739.

If you have any enquiries or would like to make an appointment, please email:

Gastroenterology and Liver
Clinic E (123), Level 1
Liverpool Hospital
Corner of Elizabeth and Goulburn Streets

  02 8738 4085
  FAX: 02 8738 3094
Our phones cannot always be answered, so the best way to contact us is via email or fax

8.30am - 4.00pm
Monday to Friday

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