Project ECHO® Liverpool Hospital

Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes

Project ECHO clinic can support you to screen, manage, and treat your chronic liver disease and Viral hepatitis B & C patients.

Who is Project ECHO® for?

Project ECHO® is for primary health care providers – including: Doctors, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Community Health Workers who want to treat some of their own patients. The goal of Project ECHO® is to improve patient access to specialty care, without them having to attend the specialist centre. This enables patient focused care in a location convenient to them, and with a practitioner they know and trust. By participating in Project ECHO®, PHCP can provide the best possible care for their patients and develop a professional skill set.

Project ECHO® provides:

  • Greater access to multidisciplinary advice about your patients,
  • Opportunity to acquire new skills and competencies, and accrue CME points.


You can use your own referral or use our HBV or HCV disease specific referral forms. Send to the Project ECHO team via email at or fax 8738 3094 or use your own referral form.

Download RTF document

Download RTF document

For more information about Project ECHO®, please contact 0408 968 191 or

ECHO Clinics:

  • Liver Disease and Viral Hepatitis
  • Chronic Liver Disease forum
Want to join a session in hepatitis or liver disease?
Current meeting dates:

Tuesday 14th February: Focus on Metabolic liver disease (MASH/NASH)

2-3 pm

Tuesday 9th May: Focus on Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC)

2-3 pm

Tuesday 15th August: Focus on Chronic Hepatitis B (CHB)

2-3 pm

Tuesday 14th November: Focus on Hepatitis C (HCV)

2-3 pm

What is Project ECHO?

Changing the world, fast. A TED X talk by Sanjeev Arora (12 minutes):
- Democratize medical knowledge
- By moving knowledge instead of patients
- Using video conferencing hard and soft ware to connect a group of interested community care providers (spokes) tele MENTORING (not telemedicine) to the specialists (hub), utilizing didactic sessions followed by de-identified case based learning, aiming to empowering CHCP to care for patients themselves.

Duration - 12:12

Project ECHO® Team:

Dr Scott Davison

Hepatologist, Staff Specialist

Melissa Bagatella

Clinical Nurse Consultant

If you have any enquiries or would like to make an appointment, please email:

Gastroenterology and Liver
Clinic E (123), Level 1
Liverpool Hospital
Corner of Elizabeth and Goulburn Streets

  02 8738 4085
  FAX: 02 8738 3094
Our phones cannot always be answered, so the best way to contact us is via email or fax

8.30am - 4.00pm
Monday to Friday

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